The Annotated Guo Meimei Interview

Guo Meimei

On August 3, in her first television interview since the Red Cross Society scandal, Guo Meimei appeared on Ningxia television’s “Decoding Finance” with her mother, Guo Dengfeng, to tell her side of the story. The host, “Larry” Lang Xianping, an economics professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, put on the kiddiest of kid gloves for the 20-minute interview. Here was their chance to set the story straight, or at least recite the answers they’ve rehearsed for the last month.

“Old Boys” Ending Theme Translation —《老男孩》尾曲歌词翻译


I can’t recommend this film Old Boys enough. The more I think about it the more I like it. Below is the translation of the ending theme.  You should probably watch the film before watching the music video. The music is taken from Ohashi Takuya’s “Arigatou,” with lyrics by Chopstick Brothers, the duo responsible for the film itself. It’s a beautiful elegy to youth, a lament for all the things we’ve lost along the way.

The Art of Translation

Translation is a lose-lose situation. If a translation is well-received, praises are lauded upon its author and the translator is all but forgotten. However, if the book is not well-received, many times reviewers, absolving the author of culpability, will blame the translator, claiming that many things were, as trite as it sounds, “lost in translation.” Ironically, most reviewers and readers never read the translated book in its original language which makes comments like “a faithful translation” or “the author’s voice shines through the translation” specious and presumptive. Translation is thankless, tiring, and ultimately a series of losses. Umberto Eco called it “the art of failure.”