Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Panda 2

When the first Kung Fu Panda was released in China, it caused an existential crisis. Chinese audiences marveled at how well Western filmmakers had understood Chinese culture, but deep down they all wondered the same thing: Why hadn’t this movie been made in China? In an thoughtful op-ed in China Daily, Chinese director Lu Chuan […]

China Urges Shady Countries to Boycott Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

Speaking in front of a large gathering of reporters, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Xiaoming urged the disreputable and untrustworthy countries of the world to join together in symbolically boycotting the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.  Wang welcomed “illegitimate dictatorships, autocratic regimes, drug-fueled banana republics, corrupt theocracies, war-torn hellholes, and all-around shitty countries” to “march with us in solidarity against openness, tolerance, and equality.

The Apology

In my previous post about the karma fiasco, I remarked tongue-in-cheek that we should boycott Sharon Stone’s movies. Well apparently that is becoming a reality, which reinforces my belief that one day satire will no longer be necessary because the world itself will have become a farce.

Neither the Time Nor the Place

In the wake of the Olympic torch, chaos and pandemonium. In London, at least 30 people were arrested. Police tackled activists, including one that was intercepted bearing a fire extinguisher to take out the Olympic torch. In Paris, at least 20 people have been arrested and large parts of the planned torch relay canceled. Athletes and celebrities have been harassed by booing crowds waving pro-Tibet banners. One athlete in a wheelchair—a ping-pong champion carrying the Olympic torch—was pelted with bottles and fruit. The amount of security surrounding the torch resembles an entire pro football team’s worth of brawny bodyguards. Ladies and gentlemen, this situation has passed beyond political protest and into the realm of utter farce.