A Cross-cultural Commercial


Here’s an interesting addendum to my post yesterday about Chinese advertisements. When I said in that article that the two commercials featuring Chinese actresses literally yelling at the viewer was not representative of Chinese commercials in general, what I meant was that I’ve seen many Chinese commercials that are better, and many that are worse.  Well, here is one that is better:

Ganji la!

Ganji la!

Anyone who rides the subway regularly or spends time around a television has probably seen, or more likely heard, the advertisement for the Chinese Craigslist-esque website Ganji starring actress and super microblogger Yao Chen, where she yells “Ganji la!” and rides a poorly-animated donkey.

The advert is catchy, maybe too catchy. According to the Darwin Marketing blog, the animated donkey made such an impression that people who wanted to visit the site couldn’t remember the name and instead of typing Ganji (赶集), which means “hurry to the market,” they typed Ganlv (赶驴) which translates to “hurry a donkey.”

Upfront and Personal

Last week, the NBC network issued a press release detailing its television lineup for the 2008-2009 season, which includes such gems as:

KNIGHT RIDER – On the heels of NBC’s hit movie, the iconic 1980s television classic comes roaring back to life as an updated drama series showcasing the new customized KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) Ford Mustang. As the sequel resumes, KITT is absolutely the coolest car ever created: its supercomputer capable of hacking almost any system; its weapons systems efficient; and its body—thanks to its creator’s work and nanotechnology—is capable of actually shifting shape and color. It is the ultimate car—and someone will be willing to do anything to obtain it.

THE LISTENER – In this one-hour drama, Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik, “The Runaway”) is a 24-year-old paramedic living with a secret: he can read people’s minds. This telepathic procedural takes viewers into the heart of a tortured hero who struggles to solve crimes with his unique gift. Week-to-week, “The Listener” balances high-stakes drama with irreverent humor and sends Toby on an intellectual and emotional adventure.