• Leftover Women

    Leftover Women

    Chinese women and burden of marriage.

    Posted by on Sunday, July 15, 2012

    Only after many late night conversations with female friends have I slowly begun to grasp the heavy and consuming burden that young women must face in metropolitan cities throughout China.

    The concept of a shengnü or “leftover woman” is a fairly recent phenomenon in Chinese society. The term refers to single women, over thirty, who live in large cities and are often highly educated and well salaried.
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  • The Rape of Europa

    Don’t Be A Dick

    Fenwick Smith's foreign policy.

    Posted by on Monday, June 4, 2012

    Last week, when my doorbell rang at the optimum moment between my boyfriend leaving for work and me leaving for work—a thirty minute gap that seems to be the only time my local police station does any work—I knew who would be waiting even before I wrenched the reinforced steel door open.

    I had my passport, foreign expert certificate and residence permit all primed and ready in a nearby drawer.
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  • Photo © Rian Dundon


    Images from the provincial capital.

    Posted by on Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Rian Dundon, an American photographer who lived in China for 6 years, is trying to fund a new book of photography called Changsha.

    He is currently fundraising through Emphas.is, which is like Kickstarter for photojournalism. There's a month left to support the project. We talked over e-mail about his upcoming book.
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  • Manufacturing #10A (detail) by Edward Burtynsky

    Yet Another Mike Daisey Piece

    A few words on Daisey, truth, beauty, and bitterness.

    Posted by on Thursday, April 12, 2012

    Daisey creating a situation where he shares a real human moment with his interpreter and he touches her hand seems not that problematic—that’s drama. But Daisey claiming to speak to Chinese workers who suffered hexane poisoning, or claiming to have met with secret union workers in clandestine Starbucks meetings seems far more problematic. Why?
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  • Photo © This American Life

    Glass Houses

    On the hypocrisy of This American Life.

    Posted by on Monday, April 2, 2012

    I also found it extremely difficult to listen to the "Retraction" episode of This American Life. I could not even listen to the whole episode—I had to read the transcript. The only way I could have relieved the fury building up inside me, as I listened to that podcast, would have been to slap Ira Glass across the face. I have never heard such sanctimonious, self-serving hypocrisy in my life—not from someone I respect.

    I am going to tell you some things that may shock you.
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Photo © timtak from Flickr

A Response to David Sedaris

Although some might object to the crass manner in which Mr. Sedaris points out certain facts about China, none of them are blatantly untrue.
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Photo © bluelephant from Flickr

China is Icky

by David Sedaris
Before I went to China, I made sure to know nothing about it. No books, movies, not even the lottery numbers inside fortune cookies.
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Photo © Thomas Hawk from Flickr

The Wankerland Diaries or: In Defense of Chinese Cuisine

In his Guardian article David Sedaris made no mystery of his dislike of Chinese food. Here's what he got wrong.
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Downtown Los Angeles

LA Film Fest 2011

Brazilian blockbusters, Cannes winners, sport documentaries, and a spotlight on Cuba. All coming up at the LA Film Fest 2011.
Anthony Weiner

Politics and Porn

Transcripts from Facebook conversations between Rep. Anthony Weiner and Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss.

Tension on the High Seas

Vietnamese students hold demonstrations criticizing China for recent incursions on what they believe to be sovereign Vietnamese territory.

Google and China

Google says this latest round of hacking attempts originated in China. The Chinese government denies any involvement.