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The Hypermodern is a Beijing-based blog dedicated to commentary and analysis of modern China. Our essays comprise a spectrum of experiences and offer a multifaceted view of a rapidly changing country. We hope to elucidate for our audience what it’s like to live in the Middle Kingdom and further the discourse between China and the West by fostering mutual understanding.

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Please send all queries and feedback to editor@thehypermodern.com. All hate mail and searing invective should go to the same address.

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We welcome in-depth comments or responses to our articles. Please include your name, career, and place of residence (city if outside Beijing; district if in Beijing) in your e-mail to opinion@thehypermodern.com.

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We are always looking for talented writers, photographers, and artists who have a connection to China. If you are interested in joining our team of amateur professionals, please send an e-mail to editor@thehypermodern.com with a brief introduction and samples of your work if available. We cannot offer any kind of compensation other than cachet and credit.

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