Humor Me (Shanghai Subway Edition)

Jokes about the Shanghai subway accident.

The Shanghai subway accident has reignited concerns over China’s transportation infrastructure, in particular the involvement of a company called Casco, which supplied the signalling systems for a number of subway systems in China.

I wrote before about Internet memes following the Wenzhou train collision. It’s no surprise that this incident has spawned another wave of Internet jokes.

This duilian (traditional Chinese couplet) which involves a bit of Chinglish, has been retweeted over 27,000 times:

Top: “Subway, railway, highway, way way to die.”
Bottom: “Officer, announcer, investigater [sic], word word to lie.”

A commenter suggested that the top scroll for this couplet should be: “Welcome to China.”

A funnier, though less retweeted joke comes from akid, the editor of who kindly translated Fenwick Smith’s article about Let the Bullets Fly into Chinese. See how many references you get:

National Day Vacation Guide:

1. If you’re riding the fast train or the high speed and encounter stormy weather, get off immediately.

2. If you’re riding a regular train, do not anger the staff.

3. If you get to Beijing, you must make sure to ascertain whether those traveling or living with you are appealing to a higher court.

4. If you are a good person, please bring with you a contract. If you see an old person who has fallen, make them sign the contract saying that they fell of their own accord before helping them.

5. When driving, be extra careful around Audis and BMWs.

The list corresponds to the Wenzhou train accident, a passenger beaten to death on a Shenzhen train by train staff members, a Beijing tourist who was beaten after being mistaken for a petitioner, an old woman who sued a young man that tried to help her, and the Wang Shuo and Li Tianyi scandals, respectively.

It’s been a funny year in China. Hope you had a safe and enjoyable National Day.